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UNION gear hangers

Marwi Europe carries a wide range of gear hangers that cover the majority of all bikes in Europe that are equipped with a derailleur gear system.

How to find the right gear hanger? Just scroll down the table at the top of this page, and find your bike brand. After selecting your bike brand, we show you all the gear hangers we carry in our range, fitting models from this bike brand. By clicking on one of the pictures, you can see more details, such as a picture for the rear side, drawings, eventual important dimensions and a picture of the screw set or screws that we deliver together with this gear hanger.

Is your bike brand not in the list? You can also select for all gear hangers in the way they are assembled on your bike: on the outside or the inside of the frame, with one screw or more screws, with the theading in the hanger or in the frame. In total we distinguish 8 different hanger assembly styles.

Marwi gear hangers are available from the professional bikeshops, and are delivered to them through the major wholesalers.

Gear hangers are designed to bend or break, in order to avoid more expensive damage to your frame. Therefore gear hangers are originally made from 6061 cold forged aluminium, mostly anodized in a silver colour. The hardness matches the level that ensures that external forces or impacts will not bypass the gear hanger and damage the dropout part of your frame. Never bend back a gear hanger. First of all it is quit difficult to get it precisely aligned, but it is also very dangerous. Bent gear hangers tend to have a change in hardness and this could cause a sudden snap of the hanger at future impact, leading to serious accidents.

There are many different models for gear hangers. This is caused by the fact that the design of the gear hanger is related to the design of the dropout part of the frame. Most frames are not made by the bike manufacturers themselves, but by frame makers that supply the frames to the final bike manufacturer. Therefore most gear hangers will fit bikes from different bike brands, because the frames come from the same source.

All Marwi's gear hangers are 100% the same as the original gear hanger on your bike, made by te same OEM manufacturer. Therefore the correct hardness is guaranteed for future impacts. Please be carefull using other than original gear hangers, especially the ones made by CNC from 6061 aircraft grade aluminium. They might be too hard and cause future damage to your frame. Mostly that will be the end of your bike, for sure when you have a carbon frame.

Therefore choosing an original hanger from Marwi is your safest choice.