RANKING (Rui Jing), is "outstanding" means. It is to sponsor the 2006 tournament, and the Taiwan Central East Lake tournament sponsored Chinese team, racking their brains to think out of the name, then just think to do something good, now it has become the mission we strive for goals . We must be excellent, a great brand, RANKING (sharp competition) become self-expectations.

Our group of companies in 1979 set up a small town in central Taiwan, is now with the size of a multinational, which includes five factories and three sales companies across Taiwan, China, Korea, and Thailand. From the mid-1990s, we began processing the helmet for the global OEM brands. By 2004, we began to research and design their own way, for professional users, providing high performance sports protective helmet.

Years of experience in the design and production of helmets for sports, hobbies, we deeply know the helmet on the movement of the precious value, that is to protect life. Responding to the majority of Asian movement, lack of safety protection awareness, we are committed to promoting safe exercise, through to make a better helmet, to encourage everyone's safety wear.

Love, we protect! Promotion of riding culture, promote safety wear, do a better helmet, which is RANKING (Rui Jing).