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Selev Helmet - Italy
Selev is one of the first companies ever to manufacture helmets and handle-bar tapes . The different stages of product developement, from the concept to the finished item always start with a direct contact with the world of bike-riding, both with professional and amateur bikers and especially by observing their needs with the aim of giving precise responses to thei requirements.
Our main point of strenght is repesented by the dynamic and constant effort that only a high-profile company of creftsmen can offer their customers. The daily approach to our job is based on giving precise responses to the requirements and needs of bike-riders, aiming at the pratical and concrete values each sportsmen or sportswomen carry within themselves.
Going back in time to the leather-made and sewn "Danish" helmets, Selev has always been standing for quality and care in details.
Times have changed ever since and so has the awareness of bike-riders.
Present requirements increasingly go in the direction of safetly and total protection which goes hand in hand with Italian design.
Our care for quality has stayed the same over the years, supported by constantly evolving techniques in manufacturing. Selev has been growing, linking its name to champions such as Pavel Tonkov, Jeroen Blijevans, Peter van Petegem, Davide Rebellin, Serhji Honchar, Bradley McGee, Vera Carrara, Yaroslav Popovich, Alberto Loddo, Baden Cooke, Olga Slyusareva, Yader Zoli .....