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Established in 1969, chains for future solution !

Nearly half century development, TAYA Chain has become the leading bicycle chain maker in Taiwan.

1 Min Overview about TAYA Chain:

A. 2nd Taiwan Excellence High Quality Product Award.
Since 1969, TAYA is the most long-standing bicycle chain brand in Taiwan.

B. The world's first anti-rust chain made with zero toxic metal debuted in 2006,
winning iF design Eurobike Award and raising green awareness to public.

C. GM Motor ® QA certificated high-end surface treatment division,
these unique tech are not only on bike chains but on crucial bike parts.

D.「Adventure X Enjoy Life」is our brand spirit,
encouraging people to embrace the beauty of cycling.

「Chains for future solution」 is the mid-term vision of TAYA.

What does TAYA mean?
With unique “T”echnique and “Y”oung spirit,
we are committed to provide “A” class proposals for the future.

Remarkable Milstone:

The range of TAYA chains has greatly expanded
but bicycle chains remain the core business of Taya chains

1999 TAYA opened a new factory with TEBOLON anti-rust coating
equipment for the treatment of bicycle chains for use in salty, polluted and acid / alkaline
situations. This has proved to be a great success in coastal areas and wherever severe
weather conditions prevail. TAYA's expertise in this field has created a demand for
this coating for other bicycle components as well.

2009 TAYA chain launched the GST, Greener Surface Treatment, which is a
new coating process that is more environmental friendly, is free of hexavalent
chromium and provides up to 1000 hours of Anti rust proofing according to
salt spray tests.

2013 TAYA developed 150 years structure breakthrough chain - EVO-Light Chain.